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Defiant Dimension is a finalist in the Auggie Awards 2020!

AR/VR Auggie Awards 2020
We're finalists in the Auggie Awards 2020 for Defiant Dimension! It's AR/VR industry version of the Oscars!
Public voting has just been completed and judging is to follow - thanks to everyone who has supported us by voting
The awards dinner will be streamed online May 29th due to Covit19, it was originally in Santa Clara, CA - check here to see if we've won the prize!

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What's next?

  • Defiant Dimension Mobile Game will be out late 2020 both iOS and Android
  • We're creating an application based on what we've learnt creating Defiant Dimension so others can create their own version of the film
  • Our next AR film is called "The Forest Talks Back" which is heavily uses AR/AI to generate content, filming has taken place in both Australia and New Zealand
  • We're continually talking at events big and small, so follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook to find out the latest dates
  • About Defiant Dimension
    who, what, why

    Defiant Dimension came about after we were creating 4 second Instagram/Facebook promo clips of AR we had been working on and progressively we saw its potential for film. At the same time we'd just created in calibration with Snapchat themselves a Snapchat Filter which we got running on anything we tried including an old 4th Gen iPod, so that inspired us to use the minimum spec hardware to create AR content with Unity & ARKit - iPhone 6s and a standard iPad

    Everything you see in the film itself is raw AR, no VFX/After Effects or Color Correction even the promo photos are screen grabs from the iPad/iPhone during the shoot with no retouching. We often talk about Defiant Dimension on stage in front of hundreds of people and it's important that when we say it's an AR film, it really is pure AR — the moon in the promo shot is that really the moon? It sure is!

    We value collaborationWe've spoken about Defiant Dimension around the world

    We're happy to discuss Defiant Dimension and AR/AI in general with you and your team or events / press or even podcasts. Get in touch to discus. We've spoken about Defiant Dimension at creative, technical and industry events around the world includes Singapore, Bangkok, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc.. and the list continues to grow!

    Winner of "Best Augmented Reality Experience" Miami SciFi Film Festival

    Currently a finalist in the Auggies Awards 2020 "Best Art or Film"

    Filmed in and around Brisbane, Australia - Produced and Directed by Matt Kirby from CloudBNE